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Photo of Gil Ledesma
Gil Ledesma
Gilbert Ledesma “Gil” is as amped to do your tattoo as you are to get it. His passion for the design, detail, and quality of his art comes through every piece and every tattoo that he produces whether large or small.
Photo of Warren Erickson
Capy has a unique New School, Anime style and a very fun social personality.
His fundamentals are on point; crispy lines, soft shading, and if really wanna let him flex, let him pack your new tattoo solid with color! He is available and excited to do walk ins. Check him out!
Photo of Brent Humphreys
Brent Humphreys
Brent is originally from Tennessee. He is a talented portrait artist with diverse skills and can do anything. His ability to create amazing detailed portrait work is astounding and his artistry is well rounded. Brent will work hard to impress every client and is an asset to our shop.
Photo of Brent Humphreys
Nikita Razumovskiy started his apprenticeship at 16 in 2018. He started tattooing in 2020 and graduated in record time his attention to detail, clean linework, and shading abilities. Nikita‘s specialty is fine line, high contrast black and grey work, but don't underestimate his color work! Quesa is our local celebrity...good luck getting in with him soon!!! But, he's worth the wait!
Photo of Jacob Daniel Weaver
Now Hiring
Tattoo Artist/Piercer
Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
Photo of Brent Humphreys
Jaden Foussat
Yes! That's right! We have an Aesthetician who does amazing permanent make up!
Jade is a new grad that is showing amazing potential. Her prices are just under market standard right now. Book with her while these promotion prices last.
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